COM'ON Cluj-Napoca

COM’ON – 2015

COM’ON 2015
The project proposed by the PONT Group, in partnership with the SHARE Cluj-Napoca Federation, the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca and the Cluj-Napoca City Council was entitled Participatory Budgeting of Youth in Cluj2015, European Youth Capital. 
The Participatory Budgeting (PB) aimed the inclusion of the citizens in the democratic process of consultation and decisiontaking, with the goal of establishing optimal ways of spending (some part of) the public budget. 
The goal of the project was to conduct a process of participatory budgeting based on the inclusion of the young people; on the base of this process the City Cluj-Napoca will subsidize the implementation of the most agreed on (voted) projects under the EYC 2015. 
The strategic objective was to create a portfolio of 250 small projects with a total budget of approx. 500.000 RON, projects proposed by the young people, addressed to the local community (especially the peripheral areas of Cluj-Napoca), that contribute to the active participation of the inhabitants in the life of the community, that include the inhabitants in proactive activities, are happening in public and common spaces and assure free access to the inhabitants, without a financial barrier (a ticket). 
The brand named COM’ON Cluj-Napoca has been developed for this initiative. “COM’ON” aims to define the spirit of this project, the fact that this is the entire community’s common project, at the same time it is calling to participation, while it also encourages people (come on!) to act, to participate. At the same time the project was a test, a pilot created for the community of Cluj-Napoca. 
The initiators from the PONT Group thought that the surprising mobilization that this community proved in pervious endeavours, like the application process for the European Youth Capital title during 2012 has shown that there is an unexploited force in this community, the force of the informal groups. At the same time the project assumed a participatory process through which the community becomes a decisional factor in the financial support of steps of this kind. Right from its inception the project received the financial support of EEA Grants 2009-2014 through the NGO Fund.
COM’ON 2015 in numbers:
Initiative groups: 248
Initiative groups registered with a single initiative: 143
Initiative groups with the maximum recorded five initiatives: 16
The average age of the informal groups’ representatives: 25 years
Total number of persons required: 1369
Total number of voters: 18.782
Total number of votes: 48.609
Number of initiatives registered (and declaredeligible after the first administrative check): 451
Projects that made it to the voting process: 437
Total budget of the registered projects (approximately) 1.900.000 lei
Total budget requested 1.770.000 lei
Average of the total budgets 4.186 lei