Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum amount that can be applied for ?
The maximum awarded sum is 4500 RON. In case that the cost of the project surpasses this sum, it is the team’s responsibility to cover the additional costs - for example through actively searching for sponsorship. 
Who do I contact (and how), if I  have questions regarding Com’ON Cluj-Napoca, or my project specifically?
If you have any questions regarding Com’ON Cluj-Napoca: what it is, how it works, how you can take part in it, what are the different steps in the entire process, etc, then don’t hesitate to write an email to or call the telephone number 0740666259 (Eszter - PONT Group) or 0733932557 (Lucian - Cluj Community Foundation), so that we can personally answer your question.
Can a project take place outside of the city?
No, projects can only take place in the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca. 
Do I have to be a Romanian citizen to apply?
No, you just have to live/study in Cluj-Napoca.
What kind of ideas are welcome?
All ideas are welcome, as long as they are free of charge and available to everyone in the city.
However, we recommend for the proposed projects to take into account the following:
·      Ideally, the initiatives of young informal teams should involve members of the community who belong to different age and/or sociocultural groups. 
·     We encourage initiatives that creatively involve the active participation of the community, and which take place in different zones of Cluj-Napoca Municipality - meaning that not all projects should take place in the city centre. The different projects of Com’ON Cluj-Napoca should take place in different neighbourhoods, so as to involve the entire community! Projects may only be organised in Cluj-Napoca Municipality.
·     Com’ON Cluj-Napoca does not wish to support initiatives which impose a financial burden for its participants. The access to the proposed projects must be free for the public.
·     The projects should identify the needs of the community and find innovative ways to address those needs.
·     Projects should have clear, visible and attainable goals, as well as long-term impacts. 
·     Projects should offer pleasant and useful ways for young people to spend their free time. 
·     Alternative community-based resources should be sought and put to use: for example, besides the sum offered by Com’ON Cluj-Napoca, we encourage looking for different local sponsorships as well. 
Can organisations apply?
Com’ON Cluj-Napoca is made specifically for informal groups comprised of young individuals. This means that you may apply only as an informal team, not as an organisation. Teams must be comprised of at least three individuals, between the ages 14 and 35, who live in Cluj-Napoca. It is not a problem if the members of the team are also the members of an organisation; the application, however, may only be done in your own name - as an informal team. 
This does not mean that organisations are completely excluded! An organisation can serve as your mentors, helpers or partners. The main point is that you, as a team, are responsible for the project, you work on the project, and you are accountable for the project. For example, you can post on different social platforms that the specific organisation fills the role of partner/sponsor, but the initiative itself cannot bear the name of the organisation.