More than 500 young people have proposed more than 100 local urban development initiatives within Com'ON Cluj-Napoca 2019. The projects were submitted by young people aged between 14 and 35 who live, study or work in Cluj .

Vote the projects here!

Voting period: 21 February, 12 - 21 March, 11:59.

After the online vote, the first 50 initiatives will be funded by the municipality of Cluj-Napoca - with 4,500 lei / project - and will be implemented between May and November 2019.

Com'ON Cluj-Napoca is a participatory process where, starting from 2015, young people are invited to think and enroll in urban development initiatives that are then voted and winning projects are funded and implemented. The process aims to encourage the active participation of young people in the city life as well as the participation of all citizens in the decisions of implementing projects beneficial to the city.

  • means bringing together the Old and New Cluj, which is related to the cultural, natural, material or immaterial heritage, as well as the interaction between the members of the traditional Cluj community and the communities formed by the city magnet behavior of the city attracting young people, investors, tourists from both the region and the country, as well as from across the European continent.

  • means addressing the challenges of city sustainability and the local community from an environmental point of view, namely the relationship of man and nature.

  • means to bring to public attention some themes, ideas and initiatives that bring novelty in the community life of Cluj, generates a debate and a constructive exchange of opinions. Novelty can mean both the subject itself and the approach used during the implementation.

  • means the identification and activation of spaces in Cluj as well as the rethinking of existing spaces through which they can acquire another function, even temporary.

  • highlighting and putting under the spotlights of individual stories that highlight the diversity and multicultural aspects of the city, as well as human interconnection among community members through these stories.

  • means initiatives that address the process of growing up of the local community members, from an early age by becoming active citizens of the city (especially children and young people).

  • Com
    Com'On Cluj-Napoca '19 is launched!

    We launched Com'On Cluj-Napoca '19! The concept of this edition is 'UP', it wants to encourage young people's involvement in community development, by giving access to specific themes and priorities relevant to the current urban reality.

  • Call for initiatives!
    Call for initiatives!

    Participation is open to any initiative group made up of at least 3 young people living in Cluj-Napoca between the ages of 14 and 35. There is no restriction on training / experience, gender, ethnicity, etc.

    Only initiatives submitted to the team are accepted. A team with the same name, and composed of the same members, may propose a maximum of 5 initiatives.

Initiators, Partners, Sponsors
  • PONT Group
  • Municipality of Cluj-Napoca
  • Visit Cluj
  • Cluj-Napoca 100
  • CCC
  • FTC