• Delia Cocolea | community facilitator

    Find Delia here: mail | facebook | 0764 617 819

    Delia is 24 and passionate about working with young people, wanting to give them new opportunities to express themselves and develop. She studied philosophy, where she learned critical and open-minded ...

  • Annamária Gyöngyi | community facilitator

    Find Annamária here: mail | facebook | 0740042581

    Annamária has over 20 years of experience in journalism, communications and media project management. She is a biologist and psychologist by profession and attaches great importance to human relations in all fields. She believes that communities ...

  • Emma Pop | events facilitator

    Find Emma here: mail | facebook | 0748 317 736

    Emma Pop is a youth worker, facilitator and marketer.
    With significant experience in project management and coordination of educational, social and cultural activities, Emma is an Honorary Member and President ...

  • Maria Ionașcă | project development facilitator

    Find Maria here: mail | facebook

    She is 26 years old, and she is passioned about management in the cultural-artistic field, with a socio-anthropological perspective on everyday reality. She studied sociology at BBU and collaborates on events centred on ...

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