Com’ON Cluj-Napoca ‘20 at the end: houses with books in Armătura Park, yoga and painting on the Someș shore, camps and workshops on Zoom. 46 initiatives put into practice by young people from Cluj this autumn

An outdoor day with yoga, painting or juggling, exploration in Cetățuia Park for a mobile phone photography workshop, online professional orientation sessions made by students for students, virtual camps on Zoom, book houses in Armătura Park are some of the the 46 initiatives voted by the people of Cluj and put into practice between September 23 and November 15 by the young people from the city within the participatory process Com'ON Cluj-Napoca '20.

Com'ON Cluj-Napoca '20 also included actions in which, in different parks in Cluj-Napoca, young people guided the elderly in using mobile phone applications, and another group held aerobics demonstrations for passers-by. Also in the participatory process for young people, there were outdoor film screenings, climbing competitions, sittings or selective collection of electronics. A school wall was again painted by young people at Com’ON Cluj-Napoca - this time it is about the Special Gymnasium School for Hearing Impaired Scholars  “Kozmutza Flora”.

In the current context, some young people have opted from the outset to implement initiatives in the online environment or have adapted their proposals to take place online. In fact, the online actions were very diverse: some held philosophy workshops for children, others initiated a mental health platform for young people on topics such as online harassment or healthy friendships, and a group of young people gave a live online concert.

Until the end of the implementation period, the people of Cluj were able to take part in blood donation actions, various online workshops - from some about the challenges of adolescence to bookbinding workshops, debates and public speaking competition, creative courses and introduction to the basics of drawing and more.

All the initiatives implemented within Com'ON Cluj-Napoca '20 aimed at a better and healthier life in the community, both physically and psychologically and pursued a state of well-being and fulfilment together. - as the motto of the edition says, Let's do well together! (Let's do well / be well together!).

“Obviously, Com’ON was great, how else? Almost 200 young people proposed initiatives. Over 8,000 votes were cast by Cluj residents. In the end, 46 cool initiatives were implemented by over 100 young people. The pandemic did not spare us either, but we were lucky to have some inventive and flexible young people and a cool team to support them. We started Com’ON Cluj-Napoca this year saying Let’s do well together. And we did.”, said Larisa Dumitroaea, project manager of Com’ON Cluj-Napoca ‘20.

46 initiatives proposed by 28 groups of 128 young people were financially supported with a maximum of 3,500 lei / initiative by the City Hall and the Cluj-Napoca Local Council and were put into practice between September 23 and November 15, 2020, both in city ​​as well as online. The proposed ideas were framed in one or more themes proposed by the organizers: 20 in the category of health, 38 in learning, 25 in were in terms of participation and 17 in terms of environmental activation. Among the initiatives implemented are three proposed by low-opportunity groups and one whose authors are young people aged 14 to 17.

Between July 11 and August 24, 71 initiatives were registered at Com’ON Cluj-Napoca ‘20 of 191 young people aged between 14 and 35 years. The average age of those who registered their ideas at Com’ON Cluj-Napoca ‘20 is 22 years old. After the ideas were technically verified, they were promoted in the Cluj community, and those interested entered where they chose their favorites, between September 1-20. Approximately 8,500 votes were registered from over 4,000 citizens of Cluj.

  • How do young people feel now and what can we do to make us all feel better, both physically and mentally?


    We invite you to think about initiatives related to improving health, whether it is physical or mental, spiritual, but also how you could implement initiatives related to healthy lifestyle - what we eat, how we sleep, how and how much we do sports.

  • How can young people be better equipped to cope with life? What do they want to learn in order to?


    The community would benefit greatly from your ideas with educational potential, which aim to develop general or specific skills. And when we say education, we obviously think of non-formal education, so consider proposals - including digital tools - that can contribute to the development of creativity, the ability to collaborate or solve problems. You can also write initiatives that address the teacher-student relationship or issues related to gender equality or ethnicity.

  • What kind of city do young people need for living to their full potential and for getting involved in solving the needs of their community and in the development of the city?


    We challenge you to identify and activate spaces in Cluj or to rethink existing spaces through which they can receive another function, even temporary. We are also waiting for ideas on youth support services, youth centers, mobility, transport, but also public policies to support young people.

Initiators, Partners, Sponsors
  • PONT Group
  • Municipality of Cluj-Napoca
  • Visit Cluj
  • Romanian Commercial Bank
  • CCC
  • FTC
  • Citizen Y Resource Center
  • The Council of School Students in Cluj County
  • The Union of Hungarian Highschool Students in Cluj County
  • ClujHub
  • The Cultural House of the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca
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