The youth initiatives at Com'ON Cluj-Napoca are now in progress!

47 youth-initiated events, actions and campaigns for a better Cluj will take place in the city and online, at Com'ON Cluj-Napoca, until 15 November 2020.

The biggest number of votes – 250 – was obtained by the eMedicine for Youth initiative of the group with the same name, dedicated to schools and high school students in Cluj-Napoca. Young people will benefit of online medical (sanitary) education lessons taught by students of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Iuliu Hatieganu" in Cluj-Napoca.

Other winning proposals address topics such as information about selective waste collection or mental health among adolescents and young people. Actions for blood donation have also been proposed, and a group plans to organize philosophy workshops for children and adolescents. The Cluj citizens will also be able to enjoy some fun and relaxation time through initiatives such as the temporary placement of a roller rink or guided walks in the forest. From entrepreneurship to philanthropy and ecology to combating online harassment, the proposed initiatives are diverse and ingenious. The winning initiatives include three proposed by groups with low opportunities and one whose authors are young people between the ages of 14 and 17.

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Join in!

  • How do young people feel now and what can we do to make us all feel better, both physically and mentally?


    We invite you to think about initiatives related to improving health, whether it is physical or mental, spiritual, but also how you could implement initiatives related to healthy lifestyle - what we eat, how we sleep, how and how much we do sports.

  • How can young people be better equipped to cope with life? What do they want to learn in order to?


    The community would benefit greatly from your ideas with educational potential, which aim to develop general or specific skills. And when we say education, we obviously think of non-formal education, so consider proposals - including digital tools - that can contribute to the development of creativity, the ability to collaborate or solve problems. You can also write initiatives that address the teacher-student relationship or issues related to gender equality or ethnicity.

  • What kind of city do young people need for living to their full potential and for getting involved in solving the needs of their community and in the development of the city?


    We challenge you to identify and activate spaces in Cluj or to rethink existing spaces through which they can receive another function, even temporary. We are also waiting for ideas on youth support services, youth centers, mobility, transport, but also public policies to support young people.

  • Nearly 8,500 votes from over 4,000 citizenz for the city development youth initiatives
    Nearly 8,500 votes from over 4,000 citizenz for the city development youth initiatives

    8,426 votes were cast by 4,079 citizens for the 70 local community development initiatives proposed by young people in the participatory youth process Com'ON Cluj-Napoca '20. Voting, which took place online on, started on 1 September 2020 and ended on 20 September 2020.

  • Over 3.022 votes were cast by 1.512 voters in the first week of voting
    Over 3.022 votes were cast by 1.512 voters in the first week of voting

    Over 3.022 votes were cast by 1.512 voters in the first week of voting. 70 initiatives of local development are registered in the participatory budgeting process Com'ON Cluj-Napoca. The voting period has started on Tuesday, September 1, and will be closed on Sunday, September 20, at 11:59 PM.

  • Start voting at Com
    Start voting at Com'ON Cluj-Napoca ‘20!
    The voting phase for the initiatives registered at Com'ON Cluj-Napoca '20 has started! 

    The ideas of the young Cluj citizens are diverse, creative and innovative. Read more about them and vote for your favorites here until Sunday, September 20, 23:59.

Initiators, Partners, Sponsors
  • PONT Group
  • Municipality of Cluj-Napoca
  • Visit Cluj
  • CCC
  • FTC
  • Citizen Y Resource Center
  • The Council of School Students in Cluj County
  • The Union of Hungarian Highschool Students in Cluj County
  • ClujHub
  • Transylvania IT Cluster
  • The Cultural House of the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca
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