Here are the cool initiatives to be implemented by young people in Cluj

The voting process is over. 8363 votes were cast by 3113 citizens of Cluj between 5 July and 31 July. The winning initiatives will be implemented by 20 November in various locations in the city and online. See more details about the winning initiatives here.



Crosul UT - Youth Marathon

UT buddies

PoliArt - Rhythm of Art

UT buddies

Stop bullying  for kids


Debattle- Train your Idea

UT buddies

Campaign to encourage blood donation

Donează sânge, fii erou! Cluj-Napoca

Little Healers Learn First Aid

Micii Sanitari investesc în oameni

"Save differently" pedagogy conference

Mentés másként pedagógia csoport

Question (K)it! - Deep Conversation Starter Cards

Sunflower Compass

Reading Festival


BlooDoChallenge - digital blood and haematopoietic stem cell donor booklet


Tension and first aid for everyone's health

Din Suflet pentru Cluj

No, stres? NO STRESS!


One evening camp

Din Suflet pentru Cluj

"Magical Stories" - English recreational workshop for Ukrainian refugee children


A day in the life of a puppeteer



XR Med

Learn to save lives! Be a hero!

XR Med

Emotional development through puppetry


Information campaign on stem cell donation

Donează sânge, fii erou! Cluj-Napoca

Poetry theatre performance, community poetry reading and board games


Travel Buddy here!

Din Suflet pentru Cluj

ConexiU-ME conference - on the importance of social connections


Together we make a difference!

Văd Voci - Breaking the Silence

Critical thinking with CritiCat/ Critical Cat


Treasure trove of little scientists

Love Science

Bike Lock'n Go

Debate on recycling in the context of 3D printing


BWay - Mentor a student!


Entrepreneur in board games

Clujul Altfel

Disney heroes in action


Project VA


Youth Involved in Cluj Community Day

Tineri implicaţi în comunitatea Clujeană

different is good


do well, be well


together we are well, together we are better



Some of the proposed ideas are planned to take place in the city, outdoors - in places such as Central Park, Detunata Park, Gheorgheni Sports Base or Romulus Vuia Ethnographic Park or in indoor locations such as the Casino Urban Culture Centre, the Students' Culture House, the Tailors' Tower Urban Culture Centre, universities, schools, cafés and others will be implemented online. Following the online voting, the first 35 initiatives, 5 of which in the special categories, in order of votes, will be financially supported by the Cluj-Napoca City Hall and Local Council, respectively BCR - with a maximum of 4,500 lei/initiative - and implemented by 20 November 2022. 

The most votes - 225 - were obtained by the UT Buddies' initiative UT Cross - Youth Marathon, which is aimed at young people in Cluj-Napoca. The UT Run is a charity event for young people in Romania. It takes the form of a 6 km long running competition against the clock. The event will take place in the Central Park "Simion Bărnuțiu".

Other winning proposals address themes such as health and mental health information among adolescents and young people. Blood donation actions, conferences on different topics such as democratic pedagogy or the importance of social links were also proposed. Several projects are proposed to bring reading, literature and critical thinking closer to young and old. Cluj residents will be able to take part in several treasure hunt events for both children and adults. From entrepreneurship to philanthropy and from ecology to fighting online harassment, the proposed initiatives are among the most diverse and ingenious. The winning entries include three initiatives proposed by low-opportunity groups and two by young people aged 14-17. You can read more about all the entries here: 

After the entries had been technically checked, they were promoted to the whole of the Cluj community and those interested went to to choose their favourites. Voters were required to have an account on the platform and had 10 votes to vote for their favourite ideas.

  • Take care!

    How do young people feel now and what can we do to make us all feel better, both physically and mentally?


    We invite you to think about initiatives related to improving health, whether it is physical or mental, spiritual, but also how you could implement initiatives related to healthy lifestyle - what we eat, how we sleep, how and how much we do sports.

  • Train your brain!

    How can young people be better equipped to cope with life? What do they want to learn in order to?


    The community would benefit greatly from your ideas with educational potential, which aim to develop general or specific skills. And when we say education, we obviously think of non-formal education, so consider proposals - including digital tools - that can contribute to the development of creativity, the ability to collaborate or solve problems. You can also write initiatives that address the teacher-student relationship or issues related to gender equality or ethnicity.

  • Create support!

    What kind of city do young people need for living to their full potential and for getting involved in solving the needs of their community and in the development of the city?


    We challenge you to identify and activate spaces in Cluj or to rethink existing spaces through which they can receive another function, even temporary. We are also waiting for ideas on youth support services, youth centers, mobility, transport, but also public policies to support young people.

  • Here are the cool initiatives to be implemented by young people in Cluj
    Here are the cool initiatives to be implemented by young people in Cluj

    The voting process is over. 8363 votes were cast by 3113 citizens of Cluj between 5 July and 31 July.

  • Last day to vote!
    Last day to vote!

    It's the last day to vote for your favourite initiatives at Com'ON Cluj-Napoca. Hurry, the Vote button is only active until today, Sunday 31 July, at 23:59!

  • 1, 2, 3: vote!
    1, 2, 3: vote!

    1-2-3! That’s how many days you have left until you can vote for your favourite initiatives at Com'ON Cluj-Napoca! It's easy, it's simple and most of all it's very useful to vote: this way you help the teams to implement their ...

Initiators, Partners, Sponsors
  • PONT Group
  • Municipality of Cluj-Napoca
  • Visit Cluj
  • Romanian Commercial Bank
  • Cluj for European Year of Youth 2022
  • CCC
  • FTC
  • Citizen Y Resource Center
  • The Council of School Students in Cluj County
  • The Union of Hungarian Highschool Students in Cluj County
  • ClujHub
  • The Cultural House of the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca
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