Roadmap 2023
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    Com'ON Cluj-Napoca roadmap modified! How to vote?
    2023-08-17 09:48

    We have received a lot of ideas from you, which we are very happy about, but we still need some time to check them all, so we ask for your patience for another week before we publish the ideas that ...

  • It
    It's ON: Register your ideas at Com'ON '23!
    2023-06-08 09:26

    Let's do well together! 

    Do you have an idea - or several - that can make a difference in your local community? Gooood! Sign up for Com'ON Cluj-Napoca '23!

    Who can participate? Informal groups of at least 3 young people ...

  • Wrapping up Com
    Wrapping up Com'ON Cluj-Napoca '22
    2023-06-07 11:29

    Com'ON Cluj-Napoca '22 has energized the local community again this year with the 35 events, actions and campaigns implemented in the city by young people, and from August to November the city was more lively thanks to them. To thank ...

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