Voting procedure

Who can vote?

Anyone who has created a personal account on the platform can express their vote in the participatory process Com’ON Cluj-Napoca. If a person does not yet have an account, he can also create one during the voting period.

The person who created or is going to create a personal account declares at registration his relationship in relation to the municipality of Cluj-Napoca (I live / study / work in Cluj-Napoca).

The personal data of each user will be managed by Cluj-Napoca City Hall in accordance with the terms and conditions presented on the platform.

How can you vote?

The vote can be expressed on the web page - VOTE INITIATIVES section, entering the description of an initiative and pressing the VOTE button. The platform will highlight the number of votes left available and the fact that the initiative has already been voted on by the user (if applicable).

PASSWORD RECOVERY: If you already have a user on but have forgotten your password (it happens), you can request its recovery on the e-mail address you registered with. After a recovery email arrives, you can update your password. In this case, don't forget to re-log in and then return to to express your votes.

Each person is entitled to a maximum of 10 votes cast for 10 initiatives. An initiative may not be voted on several times by the same person. Once granted, the vote cannot be withdrawn.

Where can the number of votes for each initiative be tracked?

The votes cast can be viewed in the description of each initiative. The final list of results will be published on August 1st, 2021, on this website.

What initiatives have entered the voting stage?

All initiatives have undergone a technical verification related to the clear and concise nature of the description of the initiative and the fulfillment of some basic conditions regarding the initiatives: see regulation here. All initiatives that met these conditions (through the original description or through the additions received in the technical verification process) advanced to the public voting stage.

What is the period of the voting stage?

The vote will take place between July 5-31, 23:59.

Let’s do well together! Let’s vote!

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